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Automotive A/C


Residential A/C

industrial A/C

Industrial A/C

Cooling Engines 

Automotive A/C - For small cars, add 0,27 oz in the low compressor exit. For SUVs and trucks double the dosage, 0,54 oz.

Residential A/C - For equipment with about 12 thousand BTUs, add 0,54 oz.

Industrial A/C - Add 1,6 oz per quart or 5% of the engine’s oil capacity.

MOTORBULL® can be apply to all automotive engines (Gas and diesel), 2 and 4-strokes, stationary engines, including all the new generation turbocharger. 


Also, can be applied in manual transmissions, automotive and industrial differentials, all types of compressors including the cooling one, bearings, gearheads, bearings support, hydraulic systems, chains, weapons, jet-ski, karts, bicycles, hobby aeromodelling. A great cutting fluid for lathe and machining

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